This video was created to announce Future Grownup's latest artist collaboration, Kyle Desnoyers.

Filmed completely vertical (with the camera sideways), this video was shot to work with the instagram layout, resulting in a 4x5 video (instagram's tallest video ratio) that takes up as much of your phone's screen as possible. Shooting this way also allows us to easily crop to 1x1 for facebook, twitter, or other online platforms. The leftover footage works great for instagram stories, as the sideways 19x6 takes up the entire phone screen.

On top of the vertical footage, we've included white fade in/outs to seemlessly loop with instagram's all-white layout. 


As you can see here , creating video this way is much better when the final destination of the product is on mobile.

Instagram Promo Graphic.png


What is Future Grownup about?

Future Grownup is a story about what happens when you explore the freedom, creativity, and curiosity of childhood, and refuse to compromise on the quality we’ve come to expect as adults.


Why we love working with them...

Future Grownup is a incredibly unique company that is pushing the boundaries in the art world. Aligning ourselves with ground breaking artistic companies is what we are all about.