Something Orange
Film production with Color.


We have some incredibly creative directors and DP's 

The Team


Shae Paterson  

I am a 21 year old based in Calgary, AB, running on pricy local coffee and expired film. In what little spare time I allow myself I enjoy hiking, camping, rearranging my website, and riding road bikes through downtown traffic. 

My technical and creative abilities include but are not limited to photography, film making, design, theatre and entertainment production, automation, and social media management. 

My interest in photography and film making began early, giving me a head start in my craft through self-education and discipline. I am committed to producing innovative content with imagination and efficiency. I uphold the importance of collaboration and partnership when working with clients and fellow makers. My dedication to the progression of my own trade and abilities will help move your project towards the exceptional. 

I look forward to grabbing an local coffee with you to discuss your next project.


Michael Manus

Michael Manus is a visual artist and award winning filmmaker with a focus on digital media and motion graphics; though he’s at his best behind the camera.

His other passions include: day-hiking, paper-cut-art, cycling, and photography.

At 18 years old, Michael left home with $40 and a DSLR. Today, he works full time creating visually stunning and impactful content for high-end corporate clients and passion driven artists alike.